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Arturo Arditti is a Mexican practicing Architect and Fine Art Photographer.

With his multicultural background and upbringing in Mexico, exposed to a rich culture, where color, texture and extreme social contrasts are constant, Arturo has always been prone to manifest a strong interest in diverse cultural and multi-disciplinary artistic expressions.

As a partner at Arditti + RDT Architects, he has been able to project his three dimensional sense of space with many built projects among which, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City has been recognized as a top institution on its kind, and whose building and exhibit have been granted multiple international awards. This particular project has had a strong impact on Arturo's life, making him constantly aware of his love for life, the importance of respect and beauty of diversity.

Arturo's love for photography goes back to his childhood days and took a serious commitment when he decided that he would be the one registering the Architectural Firm's work, since no professional architecture photographer would be able to catch the essence of his buildings the way he perceived them. Arturo loves to shoot whatever pleases the eye or freezes a moment otherwise lost in time.

Arturo's constant desire to make this world a better place, has committed him to dedicate 10% of his photographic proceeds to charity.

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